Henry Charles Stephens

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The son of Henry Stephens (1796-1864), who invented the ink that became the family business ('Stephens Ink'). HC Stephens, known as 'Inky Stephens', was MP for Finchley 1887-1900, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Society (elected 1880). He left Avenue House, Finchley (now an ink museum) to the public when he died. HC Stephens acquired his Oceanic collection mainly from sales, from ships' captains, before 1879, when he drafted his catalogue (now lost). After his death, part of his collection passed to his grand-daughter Pearl, and her husband, Andrew Adolphus Walser. They decided to dispose of it in 1945, while living at the Cholderton Estate. The British Museum took a few pieces, Liverpool Museum purchased about 160 items, and the rest was sold or otherwise disposed of by Walser's brother-in-law.

Source: Lynne Heidi Stumpe unpublished research notes.

For a detailed biography of Henry Charles Stephens see the Stephens House & Gardens website: http://www.stephenshouseandgardens.com/about/history/henry-inky-stephens.
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