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Large, slender snake with narrow head and indistinct neck and large eyes. Colour highly variable, from light brown to almost black, some individuals are patterned with V- or W-shaped marks on the neck, broad, dark or narrow brown crossbands or herring-bone patterns. Belly is cream or yellow with dark grey or dark orange crossbands. Length up to 1.6 m.

Object specifics

  • Accession no.
  • Scientific name
    Pseudonaja nuchalis Gunther, 1858
  • Classification
  • Common name
    Northern Brownsnake
  • Collector
  • Date collected
  • Place collected
    Oceania: Australia: Western Australia
  • Measurements
  • Credit line
    Donated by the Liverpool University Zoology Museum, 1999
  • Red Book Data status
  • Other number(s)
    previous number: 2000.1.22-25
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