About this object

Pale to dark grey, brown or greenish above, sometimes decorated with a green, yellow or orange dorsal stripe with pale or dark blotches, there are also two conspicuous oval marks on the back arranged in an X-shaped configuration. Underside whitish, often with grey or brown freckling on throat and chest. Males up to 32 mm, females to 37 mm.

Object specifics

  • Accession no.
  • Scientific name
    Phrynobatrachus natalensis (A. Smith, 1849)
  • Classification
  • Common name
    Natal River Frog
  • Collector
    Harenna Forest Expedition
  • Date collected
  • Place collected
    Africa: Eastern Africa: Ethiopia: Bale
  • Measurements
  • Credit line
    Obtained from Dr Malcolm J. Largen, 1986
  • Red Book Data status
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