Nicolas Poussin

French painter and draughtsman (1594 - 1665) working mainly in Italy especially Rome for an international clientele

Nicolas Poussin (1594 - 1665) was a French painter and draughtsman who worked mainly in Italy. He spent most of his early career in Rome where he studied antique architecture and buildings of the Italian Renaissance.

Poussin often chose his own themes for his works, even those privately commissioned. Inspired by the art and literature of antiquity, his paintings often carry a moral or philosophical message. The clarity, logic and order of his compositions give a sense of harmony and balance to his work.

An admirer of artists such as Raphael and Carracci, Poussin was largely responsible for a classical revival. Influenced by Leonardo da Vinci’s text on painting, he wrote his own theories of art which became the basis of neo-classicism in France. His restrained landscapes also inspired Paul Cézanne, who became one of the pioneers of Modernism.
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    Europe: Southern Europe: Italy: Rome
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