Conventions used

Square brackets have been used to denote where an inference has been made, but in many instances there are only square brackets at the end of the word, in order to allow the individual columns to sort correctly.

The equal sign = denotes that the two items are the same (often an updated scientific name).

“Check” is used when further research is needed on a specimen –it is used frequently.

Scientific names

Bird names are according to Christidis, L. & Boles, W.E. 2008. Systematics and taxonomy taxonomy of Australian birds (CSIRO Publishing) for species, and The Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic birds (1990-2006, vols.1-7), Oxford University Press.

Mammal names are according to Dyck, S. van and Strahan, R. 2008. The mammals of Australia. 3rd Edition. Reed New Holland.

Reptile and amphibian names are according to Cogger, H.G. 2000. Reptiles and amphibians of Australia. 6th Edition. Ralph Curtis Books / Reed Books, Australia.

Fish names are according to the California Academy of Sciences’ Catalog of fishes.