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Conventions and appendices

Conventions used in the transcription

  • The equal sign =  is used within a word, such as “rem=ained”, or “neces=sary”, in the same way that Gilbert used it to divide a word between the end of a line and the beginning of the next one.
  • Square brackets [ ] are used to denote an assumption on my part, for instance where it it is difficult to read Gilbert’s writing.

Camp site co-ordinates

Camp site co-ordinates and details of many of the geographical features are from bush historian Glen McLaren’s PhD thesis, based on his re-visiting of the whole of the route of the Leichhardt Expedition on horseback or by motorcycle in the 1990s.

The Route Group

Many other particulars of the Port Essington Expedition route are courtesy of The Route Group, who live along the path of the expedition or are in some way connected to it.