Expedition route map

About the route map

The camp site co-ordinates, and details of many of the geographical features of the Leichhardt Expedition are from bush historian Glen McLaren’s PhD thesis. Glen re-visited the whole of the route of the Leichhardt Expedition on horseback or by motorcycle in the 1990s. His co-ordinates have been plotted onto Google Maps, the campsites being shown as red symbols. Also plotted are two of John Gilbert’s scouting excursions (Peak Range & Gilbert’s “Conical Hill”; Suttor River & Gilbert’s Birthday Camp) from co-ordinates drafted by Clem Fisher and Joe Bridgeman. These scouting routes, shown in green, have never previously been mapped.

Many other particulars of the Port Essington Expedition route are courtesy of The Route Group, members of which live along the path of the expedition or are in some way connected with it. They have been invaluable, and we hope that others will join the group in future to help us improve the critical edition of Gilbert’s diary and the expedition route as is presently known. Another Google Maps based map of the Port Essington (First Leichhardt) Expedition route has recently been posted by the National Centre of Biography at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, which shows the actual route the expedition members took between campsites (as far as is known), and has been mapped for the whole route of the expedition. They have also posted transcriptions of the expedition diaries, and it will be interesting to compare the two versions of Gilbert’s diary.