Timeline of John Gilbert's life and expeditions

Gilbert's lookout

The memorial to Gilbert at "Gilbert's Lookout" over the Dawson Valley, on the outskirts of the rural Queensland town of Taroom. During the Leichhart expedition, Gilbert admired the view from here and described it in his diary on 11 November 1844. 

This is a timeline of significant events in the life of John Gilbert, including expeditions he undertook, specimens he collected and other key facts.

Compiling this timeline

This has been compiled using original manuscripts, government reports and newspaper articles and sailing schedules, published papers and books and from original labels on specimens collected by John Gilbert, which have been found in museums in several different continents. See full references used and a note on the accuracy of information sources

Please note that all the specimens listed were collected by John Gilbert unless otherwise specified. 

Institutional acronyms used

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  • EXEMS: Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, U.K. (John Murphy’s collection).
  • Hancock: Hancock Museum, now the Great Northern Museum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.
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