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World Museum
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Entomology staff

Stephen Judd PhD

Senior Curator (Entomology)

I have worked for National Museums Liverpool all of my professional life, becoming Curator of Entomology and then Head of Zoology, Deputy Director and then Director of World Museum. I’ve been passionate about natural history since my childhood days roaming the North Downs in Kent. After completing an environmental degree at London University, I was delighted to get a graduate trainee post at Liverpool Museum, as World Museum was known at the time. I completed a PhD on the systematics and biogeography of Palaearctic seed bugs and I’ve retained an interest in this subject along with invertebrate conservation management. I retired from my previous management role in September 2018 and I’ve returned, part time, to be a natural history curator.

Tony Hunter

Assistant Curator (Entomology)

My current role is concerned with the curation and management of the invertebrate collections. I have particular responsibility for accessioning and data-basing but also contribute to the routine use and management of the non-vertebrate collections in general. I am an active member of the museum field survey team which regularly undertakes work for various conservation bodies to help protect insects and habitats for the future. My biological interests include lacewings, spiders, plants, and parasitic hymenoptera (particularly Ichneumonoidea).

Vertebrate Zoology staff 

John James Wilson PhD

Curator (Vertebrate Zoology)

I have been fascinated by the diversity of animals my whole life, studying for degrees in biology, biodiversity and zoology and working as a researcher, university lecturer, and assistant curator in Canada, Malaysia and China before coming back to the UK. As curator I am responsible for the care of around 79,000 vertebrate specimens originating from all over the World – from the kiwi of New Zealand to the polar bear of the Arctic. I am particularly interested in the use of short DNA sequences (call DNA barcodes) to understand the diversity of animals.

Tony Parker

Assistant Curator (Vertebrate Zoology)

I work with all of the collections of animal specimens with particular responsibility for their documentation and curation. I am interested in all aspects of British wildlife, with particular emphasis on recording the natural history of the North West region and is involved in several projects regarding researching and monitoring the distribution of birds, mammals and bumblebees in the area. I am also a committee member of several local groups and societies. My current research projects are: The distribution of North West England Mammals for regional and national atlas projects; Preparation of a distribution Atlas of Cheshire bees, wasps and ants and the preparation of the zoology collection database for National Museums Liverpool's online collections.

Zoology research 

Our research explores the significance of existing collections, uses the collection as a reference tool and builds contemporary collections through fieldwork. 

Our staff and Merseyside BioBank

Our Zoology curators work closely with Merseyside BioBank, the Local Records Centre for North Merseyside. Find out more about Merseyside BioBank.