Highlights from Animal Mummies Revealed

Crocodile mummy

About the mummies

Selected from the 59 mummified specimens on display in our former Animal Mummies Revealed exhibition, these fascinating animal mummies from Ancient Egypt give a taster of what you could see first-hand in the exhibition.

The animal mummies, including cats, birds, jackals and crocodile are pulled together from collections across the UK, from Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester. 

The exhibition explored the practice of preparing animals as votive offerings to the gods. Millions of animals were religiously sacrificed and mummified in ancient Egyptian times. The mummies were on display alongside related cultural artefacts, including statues, photographs, journals and archive material showing us how the animal mummies were excavated and selected by archaeologists and museum experts, and how they were collected and distributed as curios and souvenirs, particularly in Britain

Did you know?

On 10 February 1890, 19.5 tons of cat mummies were sold in Liverpool for fertiliser.



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