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Edgy Cities, Take a Look on the Westside

Black and white photograph of a man running over a pedestrian crossing in front of traffic

31 May - 27 June 2008

Free entry

Steve Higginson and Tony Wailey, authors of Edgy Cities, working with local photographer John Lafferty have created a series of 'edgy' visuals which try to represent Liverpool as a unique place and space.The exhibition conveys a visual imagery of Liverpool on the 'edge'; as a river and rhythm city, full of ambiguity and contradiction. The concept of the imagery depicts Liverpool as
an ever-moving city on the edge of an ever-moving river. Liverpool is never still or silent.

Someone or something is always on the move. The river flow has its own passage of time. A shifting shoreline and skyline is where past, present and future intermingle. As a port city, Liverpool is open-ended; people come and people go. Difference gravitates to Liverpool in the same way as the westerly moon draws the tides. The city is home to comers, goers, chancers, stayers, dodgers and drifters, grafters and grifters and is where women, artists and writers always have an 'edge'.

Liverpool has the visual ambiguity of being both seascape and cityscape which allows you to 'escape' to where dreams, hopes, imagination and reality all meet on the 'edge'. It is why Liverpool has a different sense of time and place. Edgy Cities, Take a Look on the Westside relates to both imagination and reality and the space in between the two.