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The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body

Liverpool Museum

19 July - 29 February 2004

Prepare to be completely grossed-out by Liverpool Museum's latest exhibition. Grossology splats, oozes and bursts its way through the science of the human body, from snot and smelliness to spots, warts and pimples!

Based on the children's best-selling book, the exhibition explores the good, the bad and the downright ugly ways that the human works. Through fun animatronics and interactives, it explores the hard science behind the most horrible of human functions.

Her Grossness, a five-metre high robot, welcomes you to the stinky, slimy world of Grossology through a gaping mouth. Once inside, you can:

  • find out why we sneeze, have runny noses, allergies and snot
  • take a 'Tour du Nose' through ten nasal features
  • pump fizzy drinks into the burp machine to release a giant belch
  • play the urine game to find out what your kidneys do for you
  • walk, climb and slide your way through a 3D model of the digestive system
  • scale pimples, warts, moles and wounds on the human skin climbing wall
  • discover how your body functions to keep you healthy


This fascinating show will appeal to families, especially young children. It is based on the book 'Grossology' by teacher, writer, curriculum designer and microbiologist, Sylvia Branzei. It aims to educate as well as entertain. She says, "This is science in disguise. If we teach students in their own words, they'll understand better and actually learn something."

Exhibition produced by Advanced Animations, Stockbridge Vermont USA. Grossology is a registered trademark of Penguin Putnam Inc., USA.

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