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World Museum

7 October 2006 - 29 April 2007

Exhibition closed

Basketball at Love Sport

LoveSport is everything that sport should be – accessible, fun, challenging and, most of all, for everyone. This free exhibition at World Museum demonstrated how playing sport equals a healthy body, a healthy mind and even contributes to a healthy economy through advances in technology.

LoveSport immersed visitors in the world of sport. Visitors could take part in races, games and quizzes that tested skills and knowledge of sport.

Using simulators and interactive displays, visitors could shoot for goal in 'Penalty Pressure', slam-dunk in 'Hectic Hoops' basketball or 'Go the Distance' in the Tour de France.

Forrthose preferring a less-energetic visit, there was an opportunity to get a closer look at some amazing inventions in the sports world that have helped to produce record-breaking competitors.

Exercise at LoveSport

LoveSport is an exhibition produced by eTEC (the ecsite-uk Travelling Exhibitions Consortium). eTEC is a consortium of At-Bristol, ecsite-uk, National Museums Liverpool, Magna and W5 together producing three interactive, travelling exhibitions funded by the Millennium Commission through a ReDiscover grant.

Steven Gerrard video

In the meantime you can watch a short video, specially filmed by Liverpool FC and England midfielder Steven Gerrard while on a visit to World Museum and the Walker Art Gallery. In it he talks about how much the museums have changed since he was a child, the art he likes and how he tries to have no regrets in his sporting life.