Zone 4 - Fans' corner

Photo of a man listening at a text panel with the title and lyrics to 'You'll Never Walk Alone' printed on it.

Exhibition patron, Lilian Thuram, learns about 'You'll Never Walk Alone' © Dann

Where would football be without the fans? Can a great team play in an empty stadium? What is a trophy worth if no one is watching? Who pays for the season tickets, TV subscriptions and merchandise? Where else in life do we go back for more when things get worse?

But football is changing, and perhaps the fans are too. Will fans have a say in the future of football?

Fans are not normal consumers; they are not buying a simple product. They create the traditions and provide the continuity that keeps their clubs alive. While players and managers come and go, supporters wear the same shirt and keep going back to the same stadium.

In this section of Only A Game? we featured three songs that reveal the fans' pride and passion for their club: the official anthem of FC Barcelona, the song of French club, Lens (an adaptation of the French national anthem), and 'You'll Never Walk Alone', best known when sung by the supporters of Liverpool FC but also an anthem for many other European clubs including Borussia Dortmund, Glasgow Celtic and Rapid Vienna.

Photo of a green ticket to a football match.

Ticket for the 1985 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup Final in Rotterdam. The match was won by Everton FC. Courtesy of the Everton Collection Charitable Trust.