Zone 5 - The Quiz

So you think you know European football? Try these five questions to find out just how much you do know. The answers are at the foot of the page.


1. Which team has won the European Cup the most times?

A Real Madrid
B Liverpool
C AC Milan

2. Which country has won the most European Championships?

A France
B Germany
C Spain

3. What does UEFA stand for?

A United European Football Agency
B Union of European Football Associations
C United European Football Amateurs

Black and white photograph of 11 women, posing in striped football kits

The Dick, Kerr's Ladies football team from Preston was one of the most successful football teams ever, beating teams from around the UK as well as teams from France, Belgium and the USA. The team was founded as a works' team for the company Dick, Kerr and Co in 1917. In 1965 the club folded due to lack of players. Out of a total 828 games, they won an incredible 758, drew 46 and lost only 24 games in their 48 years' existence. © National Football Museum


1. Real Madrid has won the European Cup most often.
2. Germany has won the most European Championships.
3. UEFA stands for Union of European Football Associations.