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Puppet Worlds 

This exhibition is now closed

Liverpool Museum

9 April - 5 September 2004

Free Admission

Pinnocchio, Horniman Museum/Heini Schneebeli

Horniman Museum/Heini Schneebeli

One of the world's oldest theatrical traditions is being brought to life in a new interactive exhibition Puppet Worlds, at Liverpool Museum from 9 April to 5 September 2004.

The core of the exhibition has already enjoyed a successful run at London's Horniman Museum, featuring puppets from their permanent collections. Puppet Worlds provides a fascinating insight into ancient puppetry traditions that span more than 100 years, across the globe. Beautiful and rare exhibits include Burmese string puppets, rod puppets from Java, Thai shadow puppets and Vietnamese water puppets.

The exhibition has now been expanded for its showing in Liverpool, providing a range of new displays and interactive features that people of all ages can enjoy. Once inside visitors experience:

  • A huge variety of different puppets including string, glove, rod and shadow. The display puts the characteristics and roles of different puppets into context and explores the methods used to convey stories, legends and social or moral issues.
  • A large backlit screen allowing visitors to experience life as a shadow puppet for themselves. Various costumes are available to help alter body shape and character.
  • Activity areas where visitors can handle and play with puppets.
  • A video projection showing sequences from puppet-based children's TV programmes reflecting how this ancient art has been adapted into our popular culture.
  • An original Codman Punch and Judy stall. There are also Punch and Judy shows programmed during the exhibition's run, along with a variety of other puppet shows, demonstrations and activities
  • A set of one third life-sized Beatles puppets in Sergeant Pepper costumes.
  • The original giant puppets from the launch of Liverpool city's Year of Faith celebrations at the Anglican Cathedral.

With such a wide variety of puppets under one roof, Puppet Worlds demonstrates how in rich and colourful ways, various cultures and nationalities have used puppets to teach and tell stories. This family-friendly exhibition promises to let these stories inspire visitors to make their own.

Exhibition organised in association with the Horniman Museum, London.

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