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100 Languages of Children

World Museum

17 October - 13 November 2005

Colourful artwork from 100 Languages of Children exhibition

A groundbreaking approach to 'early years' education is explored in the enlightening exhibition, 100 Languages of Children. Aimed at learning professionals, parents and carers, the display showcases the innovative work undertaken in pre-school centres of excellence in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

For more than 40 years the schools have championed the interests of the child, encouraging expression and exploration. The role of the teacher is to observe and support the child on their road to discovery.

Using words, movement, drawing, painting, building, sculpture, shadow play, collage, dramatic play and music, the children actively engage with their 100 different 'languages' or methods of communication. The exhibition at World Museum shows some of those creative outcomes and the unique techniques used to stimulate the children.

The centres of excellence have provided inspiration for the many artists, learning practitioners and teachers who have visited Italy to see this pioneering approach for themselves. Now visitors to World Museum have a chance to share in that vision.

'Wheel' image created by Reggio children


'Horse' image created by Reggio children

The exhibition has been organised in partnership with National Museums Liverpool's Learning Department and Sure Starts' and Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership's from 5 different Merseyside boroughs.

This is the last chance to see the exhibition in Britain, so come along to World Museum and find out about this brilliant and innovative approach to learning.

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