The Decades

From the 1940s through to the present day Liverpool has been a powerhouse of musical novelty, creativity and innovation. But how much do you know about Liverpool music through the decades? Try these questions and find out. Answers at the foot of the page.


The Questions

1940s and 50s

The Quarrymen played at the Cavern on 7 August 1957 without Paul McCartney. Why?

  • A: He was at a scout camp
  • B: He had been arrested
  • C: His dad wouldn’t let him out as he hadn’t done his homework



Who was the cloak room girl at the Cavern who later rose to international fame?



'Without You' was a number 1 hit for both Mariah Carey (1994) and Harry Nilsson (1971). It was originally co-written and recorded by Liverpool musician Tom Evans with his band in 1970. Who were they?



A Flock of Seagulls took their name from a line in which song?



Which Liverpool brothers formed a group and released songs including 'Just My Imagination' in 1998 and 'A Heartbeat Away', 1999?



Heidi Range from the Sugababes was in the original line up of which Liverpool group?

Answers below.

The Answers

1940s and 50s: A - Paul was at a scout camp

1960s: Cilla Black

1970s: Badfinger

1980s: 'Toiler on the Sea' by The Stranglers

1990s: The McGanns

2000s: Atomic Kitten