Digital jukebox

Local acts took part in The Beat Goes On exhibition at World Museum

Logo showing the words 'The Beat Goes On'

Visitors to The Beat Goes On exhibition came across a digital jukebox containing some famous and some not so well known songs from Liverpool bands. Chances are that the lesser known songs reached the jukebox via a 'The Beat Goes On' MySpace page (now closed down).

For several months during the exhibition we selected a monthly Top Ten of Merseyside's up and coming acts for the public to vote on. The winning track each month was been added to the digital jukebox in the exhibition, alongside Liverpool's finest acts. Many thanks and congratulations to David Tyrrell, Ellewood, Jessica's Ghost, Glass Asylum, Little Miss Strange and GK & The Renegades who topped the polls.

Our thanks also go out to all those who voted and to all the other artists who took part: Little Name, Polaris, Aeris Presley, Metropolitans, Kings Parade, The Vanities, Soft Toy Emergency, The Red Threads, 28 Costumes, Callum McMorran, Buzz Radio, Revenge Tragedies, Sunshine Rule, Asparagus Now, The Insistor, The Dawn, The Morning Club, K115, Yo Yo Stuff, The Jacs, Finchley, The Trestles, Queen Tantrum, Strawhouses, The Howls, Cheapskate, Eigth Day Army, Joel Morton, Jewel Thief, The Crew, The Lapis, FoE, The Extroverts, The Affection, Major Major, Letters In Red, Sensorites, Minion TV, BealkerFolk of The Bronze Age, Straight Out Of Moscow, Puzzle, Rude Ruby, Emma Jane's Monkey Mind, Great Northwestern Hoboes, 15 Storeys, The Sums, The Spectres, My Auntie Sam, Jajuka, The Majority, Whiskey Headshot, Tony Kehoe, The White Widows, Rob Gough and Shane Beales.

Black and white photo of a band performing on a stage

June's winners, Jessica's Ghost, perfoming at The Cavern. Image courtesy of the band.