close up of a mixing desk

Mixing desk at ParrStreet Studios. © yousoundhollow

From early microphones through to today's computers, technologies have shaped the sounds of Merseyside's popular music. How we produce, understand and even hear music has been dramamtically altered by technology.

Affordable, mass produced guitars made Liverpool's beat boom possible. By the 1960s the Liverpool music shop Hessy's were said to have sold 'roughly one guitar a minute' at peak times. The availability of these instruments encouraged amateur and semi-professional musicians to start up new bands.

Drum machines and synthesisers gave a new sound to Liverpool bands in the late 1970s and 1980s. Today's music makers continue to produce new sounds from the experimental noise of Kling Klang to the dance beats of Ultrabeat.

On the gallery you could try your hand at mixing your own music. Garage band interactives showed you how the mixing process works, while an 'Electricity' interactive allowed you to rearrange OMD's song of the same name.

double external doors with the words 'Parr Street Studios' outside

Parr Street Studios