Museum trail answers

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Q1. Half of the earth is covered in water.

False - Actually the world is covered in more than 70% water. The largest animal living in it is the blue whale which is the same size as five buses and weighs the same as 30 elephants!

Q2. All plants need soil to grow.

False - Some plants grow quite easily on rocks where they get their nutrients or food from the air and rain. Others live in water, and some plants - such as mistletoe which is considered a parasite - get their food living off other plants.

Q3. The sunflower and daisy are part of the same family.

True - The sunflower is one of the world's tallest growing flowers. Its hairy stem can grow up to 15 feet high and its flower up to a foot in diameter.

Q4. A giraffe's neck is made up of 107 bones.

False - Actually, a giraffe only has seven bones in its neck, which means it is not very flexible. The giraffe uses it to get the tasty leaves off tall trees and also to attract a mate.

Q5. Half of all animals on earth can be classified as insects.

False - Actually about 75% of all known species or types of animals are insects and scientists are still discovering more.