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Casts of dinosaur skeletons

Cast of a dinosaur's skull and vertebrae

Cast of an Allosaurus dinosaur skeleton

Allosaurus was the most fearsome predator of the Jurassic period. Here you can see a cast of an Allosaurus skeleton found in the American mid-West where these dinosaurs lived about 140 million years ago. Allosaurus was a forerunner of Tyrannosaurus rex from the late Cretaceous period - it had larger forelegs with three toes, one more than T. rex.

Elsewhere on the gallery are models of the very different dinosaurs which lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, together with dinosaur bones, dinosaur droppings and rare dinosaur eggs.

You can find our dinosaur objects in the Dinosaurs gallery on the fourth floor of the museum and in the Clore Natural History Centre on the second floor.