Space and astronomy websites

Man in space with Earth and Sun in background

NASA homepage

All the latest news from NASA, including a multitude of links to current as well as past space missions, and a wealth of information on astronomy and space science.

The Anglo-Australian Observatory

Based in New South Wales, the Anglo-Australian Observatory is famous for the beautiful photographs of the Universe taken by astronomer Dr. David Malin.

British Association of Planetaria

World Museum is a member of the British Association of Planetaria. It is dedicated to planetarium professionals and individuals devoted to science education. The website includes a map which will help you find other planetaria in the British Isles.

Liverpool Astronomical Society

The Society's aims are the same as when it was formed in 1881- i.e. 'To promote the science of Astronomy primarily in Liverpool and the neighbourhood thereof'

The Association for astronomy education

Promoting astronomy education at all levels in the UK

Astronomy now online

The home page of the Astronomy Now magazine.

BBC Sky at Night

Magazine website accompanying popular tv programme.