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The Streets of Liverpool


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By Colin Wilkinson

Colin Wilkinson has been posting previous unpublished photographs of Liverpool on the internet, adding his own comments and observations about each image. The blog, which has attracted a large following, is about creating awareness of the hundreds of thousands of images of the city that exist in public and private collections. These photographs include almost every aspect of its history and development since the 1850's. From fine architecture to slum housing, upper class life to grinding poverty, social activities, childhood, education, work and entertainment - there is an untapped seam of riches. The Streets of Liverpool illustrates just a small number of these moments in time, taken from one private collection.

An important additional feature of this book is the inclusion of Bartholomew's 1928 Pocket Atlas and Guide to Liverpool. Published long before the wholesale street clearances of the 1950's and 1960's, it is an invaluable reference for both local and family historians.

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Format:192 pages, paperback

Publisher: The Bluecoat Press

ISBN: 978 - 1804438984

Dimensions: 180 x 265 x 14mm


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