Home Memory Box disc

Memory boxes contain objects thet help reflect and recall past experiences. They can help generate meaningful conversations between generations as they prompt memories for the individual and family group. Memory boxes can be used to engage with people living with memory problems such as dementia by providing mental and emotional stimulation and interaction with others. Memory boxes can also be used by teachers and school children to help bring the past to life.

Our memory boxes contain replica memorabilia related to a theme aimed at prompting memories from that era or theme. They are a great starting point for creating a more personal memory prompt.

The Home Memory Box is aimed at prompting our memories of home. Past brands and adverts bring an earlier decade into focus more clearly and the smell of carbolic soap can instantly transport us to a past era. Consider adding more personal items such as a bag of those favourite childhood sweets or as an activity, consider making a retro recipe as a family.

Product List: McDougalls Flour Tin, 1950's Replica Pack, 4 Retro Advertising Coasters, a Recipe Book, Bisto Tea Towel and a block of Carbolic Soap.

Product details

Dimensions: Tin size 17 x 24 x 9.5cm

Brand: Half Moon Bay and Memorabilia Pack Co


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