Liverpool – the story of a city

Cover of 'Liverpool - the story of a city'

"Liverpool – the story of a city" celebrates the city and the millions who have inspired, thrived, created, fought, worked and lived here. Described through the words of those who have known her, and illustrated with the collections of the Museum of Liverpool, this is an essential introduction to the city.

Liverpool – the port of a king, the birthplace of The Beatles, the gateway to a new life for migrants, and the home of proud ‘Scousers’. In its 800-year history, the city has been all these things and more. From a tiny fishing village, to second city of Empire and later European Capital of Culture, Liverpool has claimed a rare place in the consciousness of the world through its industry, creativity and attitude.

A great port. A global city. A wondrous place. A people’s republic! If ever there was a city whose history deserved to be told, that city is Liverpool.

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Format: 128 pages, paperback

Publisher: Liverpool University Press (2012)

ISBN: 978 1846317446

Dimensions: 250 x 210mm