Crane Chick Framed Print

A framed, mounted print of a reproduction of Crane Chick (detail), Ishibashi Kazunori (1876-1928), drawing, ink and colour on paper.

Cranes were a central motif in Japanese painting, symbolizing long life and marital harmony (as they mate for life). The birds had to be placed in a variety of poses to make for an interesting painting, and the proportions of large body, long neck and long, spindly legs were difficult to achieve. In this colour sketch, Ishibashi zooms in on a single chick, supplying all the tones of colour required to render a convincing image of a three-dimensional bird.

The print has been designed and made in the UK exclusively for National Museums Liverpool.

Product details

Dimensions: 20 x 25.4cm

Fabric: Wood Frame

Brand: National Museums Liverpool


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