Discover Ancient Greece and Rome

Get ready to discover what life was like in ancient Greece and Rome. We will give pupils the opportunity to look at and handle a mixture of real and replica objects. Using their powers of deduction pupils will become junior museum archaeologists to discover what the objects reveal about people who lived in two of the most successful cultures in history.

During the workshop pupils will be able to touch artefacts such as replica weapons and statuettes of gods. They will be able to imagine the person who carefully made and used them and think about why they were so important to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Additionally, pupils will discover how these artefacts survived for thousands of years and came to be at the World Museum today.

Ancient Greece workshop offer

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Workshop details

After an introduction by a member of the museum staff, pupils will split into four groups to take on the role of archaeologists as they look at and handle the museum artefacts. We will explain the correct handling techniques as they are being allowed to touch ancient objects from our collections, not modern replicas. They will explore four topics:

· Gods and their symbols - how to recognise some of the Greek and Roman gods by looking at statues and building fragments.

· Daily Life - find out what life was like for the ancient Greeks and Romans by investigating artefacts that they would have been used daily.

· Pottery – Discover how archaeologists reconstruct and examine pottery to investigate life in ancient times.

· Greek and Roman Armour and Weapons - safely handle and examine replica items to discover what it was like to be a soldier in the Greek and Roman armies.

Using items from the museum’s handling collections; this workshop offers a unique learning experience that cannot be offered in the school classroom.

Practical information for your visit

We need adult help to ensure the pupils have the best possible experience and to ensure the safety of the handling objects. For this reason you must bring at least four adults to this workshop. If you don’t bring this ratio of adults we may still be able to run the session but it won’t unfortunately involve the same level of interactivity for the young people.

Please arrive on time for your workshop or we may not be able to run it for you. Please share these notes with your adult helpers before your visit. This will help them to support your pupils have a successful and enjoyable day.

Curriculum links



  • Ancient Greece – a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world. 
  • The Roman empire and its impact on Britain


  • Opportunities for pupils to practice speaking clearly and convey ideas confidently using Standard English. They should learn to justify ideas with reasons.
  • Opportunity for Pupils to articulate and justify answers, arguments and opinions

SMSC – Fundamental British Values

Through participating in this session students are encouraged to think about democracy, individual liberty and tolerance. 

Individual liberty

  • Through the participative approach in the session individual liberty is promoted by enabling students to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence. This also promotes mutual respect as children listen to and begin to respect each others comments.

Mutual respect and tolerance

  • Learning about ancient Greek religion, encourages students to be tolerant and respectful of others’ culture, beliefs and faith. Social skills:
  • Students develop their social skills as they work together to re-enact a famous Greek legend.