Storytelling with the Greeks

Join our expert team for an art workshop with a difference. 'Storytelling with the Greeks' focuses on Charles Le Brun’s epic painting 'Atalanta and Meleager', creating a real wow moment. Your class will develop their visual literacy and storytelling skills through this Greek myth.

"I liked looking at the painting. I'd never seen it before and it looks very different to paintings today and modern art." Year 4 student

"I enjoyed making up my own ending to the story. It was fun to complete the storyboard with pictures and writing." Year 4 student

Ancient Greece workshop offer

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Workshop details

Students will dive into the details of the painting, unlocking the story behind it before having an opportunity to create their own ending. 

This cross- curricular workshop is built around student interaction, as we discuss characters’ emotional responses, infer aspects of the story, and children have an opportunity to present their ideas to the class. 

This workshop is the perfect way to enhance an Ancient Greek topic or a literacy topic on storytelling, myths, and legends. 

All of our taught workshops take place on gallery amongst our incredible collection of artworks, making this an invaluable way to boost your students’ cultural capital.

Image © Hannah Cassidy

Curriculum links

Art and design

  • Students will have the opportunity to evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, as well as increasing awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design
  • This workshop will assist students in learning about a range of artists, describing similarities and differences to other artworks and make links to their own work.


  • Students will explore continuity and change and compare life in Ancient Greece to the present day.
  • The workshop is also a perfect way to explore the legacy of Greek culture on art and literature.
  • This workshop compliments the study of Greek life and achievements and how this has influenced the Western world. 


  • Students will use discussion to learn about the artwork and artist, developing children’s speaking and listening skills.
  • The workshop is the perfect to unlock the rich and varied literary heritage of Ancient Greece and Greek myths.
  • The workshop will increase students’ familiarity with a wide range of books, including myths, legends and traditional stories.
  • Students will gain experience of drawing inferences from the painting-inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives for their actions and how to justify these with evidence.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

Pupils will:

  • Understand how artists use visual symbols to communicate information
  • Understand how stories have influenced artists
  • Know about Greek Myths and their features
  • Understand how paintings can represent a narrative in a story


Pupils will:

  • Improve their speaking and listening skills in a group discussion context
  • Learn to give reasoned answers backed up by evidence
  • Learn to create a storyboard
  • Gain cultural capital and learn more about the Walker Art Gallery’s world class collection of artworks


Pupils will be introduced to these concepts:

  • That pictures can communicate a story
  • That a myth is a fictional story
  • That a story passed on orally will change over time