10 blockbuster movies filmed in Liverpool

Liverpool has often been dubbed as the ‘Hollywood of the North’ and with big-screen hits, award-winning TV dramas, and A-list actors all being filmed in Merseyside, it’s easy to see why. Here are 10 movie blockbusters that have put Liverpool on the big screen.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

This nail-biting scene from the beginning of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)' 01:44 – 02:12 shows Harry and Hagrid traverse their way through a tunnel, narrowly avoiding the oncoming traffic of buses and cars whilst being hunted by Death Eaters. But did you know this scene was actually filmed in the Queensway tunnel? Opened in 1934, the Queensway tunnel is a road tunnel under the River Mersey, which connects Liverpool and Birkenhead. It’s also referred to as the Birkenhead tunnel. Daniel Radcliffe who plays the famous wizard unfortunately never got to experience the roller coaster journey as his stunt double took on most of the dangerous scenes. Radcliffe only sat in the sidecar for about 30 minutes in total!

Kevin Bell, Film and Events Locations Coordinator, from the Liverpool Film Office, tells us more: 

'The process of filming inside the Queensway tunnel can be dated right back to 2007 when members of the Warner Bros. location team came to Liverpool to consider sites for the earlier film, 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'. The location manager, who had planned to come for a day ended up staying overnight as we had so much to show them. "Eventually they decided to film those scenes in their studios but that time spent in Liverpool did not go to waste. It ensured they got to know us and the city, giving them the confidence to come back in 2009 for the filming of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1'. 

As a 4-lane tunnel, the Queensway suited their requirements. It allowed two lanes for action vehicles (these are the other vehicles that can be seen in the film), and the other two for their technical equipment and to build a CGI wall. "However the project was a huge undertaking, using a 500-strong crew and around 60 action vehicles over four nights. It also had to be kept highly confidential, so careful planning was crucial.  

 The filming was highly confidential and done at night. "Tentative conversations with Mersey Tunnels began 9 months before filming took place. The tunnels are closed during off-peak hours for general maintenance on a fairly regular basis so we agreed to go for a date and time that fitted in with this schedule. We also had to consider other logistics too, like where all the vehicles involved would park during the day; where the crew would take breaks (filming was from 10pm – 6am); how we would keep the main stunt doubles (playing Hagrid and Harry) undercover,  all while preventing this big operation from impacting too heavily on the general public. "Luckily the Queensway Tunnel has a number of convenient car parks around it and it’s a short walk away from St. George’s Hall which is where we set up their canteen - a glorious backdrop to eat and we were assured a step up from the usual catering environments when on location! "The planning took months, the shoot itself took four days (and nights) and the scene is really only minutes long. But what a scene it is! The stunning'

See the Queensway tunnel at 01:48 - 02:11.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Despite ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ being set in 1920s New York, you can see Frank the Hippogriff (Newt Scamander’s trusted pet and companion) take-off in front of Liverpool’s very own St George’s Hall. The inside of St George’s Hall also features at the beginning of the film when chaos ensues at a political rally. Look out for the iconic Cunard Building, which was also transformed into New York landmark Macy’s. You can see the film poster and images in Wondrous Place Gallery in the Museum of Liverpool.

See St George's Hall at 00:13.


Not only did Liverpool boxer Tony Bellew play "Pretty" Ricky Conlan in the first 'Creed 'movie, as Adonis Creed’s final opponent in the film, the life-long everton fan also topped off his whirlwind Hollywood experience by filming shots of the final fight scene at Goodison Park, Everton Football Club’s famous stadium. It was actually Bellew who suggested the location to the film’s directors. To create the crowd scenes, an Everton vs West Brom football game was hijacked at half-time with a special cameo by Sylvester Stallone. Appearing in a video message in Everton colours, Stallone came on screen and delivered this message to the blues supporters, “Filming for the new Rocky movie is taking place at half-time. To be included, please stay in your seats.” Using CGI, the crowd shots were then combined with  the fight footage filmed in America. You can see the film poster in the Wondrous Place Gallery in the Museum of Liverpool.

Look out for the Everton crowd throughout the clip.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Are you a Marvel fan? If that’s a yes, then Liverpool’s Stanley Docks are must-see. In  ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ we see Steve Rogers transform into the super soldier we all recognise after being exposed to ‘vita-rays’. In the first fight scene we see Steve Rodgers chasing down a hydra agent through Stanley Docks. Over 500 cast and crew came to Liverpool to turn the docks into a 1940’s New York.

The docks appear at about 01:32.

The Batman

The new ‘Batman’ movie starring Robert Pattinson is now out! It was hard to keep it a secret when filming took place across the city in 2020, especially when a presumed stunt double was spotted dressed as the famous moody superhero on top of the Liver Building. Not really a shoot you can hide! There were also sightings of Pattinson with jet black hair outside St George’s Hall. See behind-the-scene images in the Wondrous Place Gallery in the Museum of Liverpool.

See the Liver Building at 01:50 and St Georges Hall at 01:53.

Sherlock Holmes

Another scene filmed at Stanley Docks is the explosive action sequence in the 2009 ‘Sherlock Holmes’ film starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. This time the Docks were used to set the scene in London warehouses where the exciting action sequence begins. After saving Sherlock’s love interest, Irene Adler from a gruesome death involving a terrifying butchery machine, we see Watson and Holmes chase after Lord Henry Blackwood who managed to get a way and set an explosive trap that engulfs Watson in flames. You can see the film poster in the Wondrous Place Gallery in the Museum of Liverpool.

See the Stanley Docks at 01:20. 


In 2004 a modern version of the 1966 Michael Caine film ‘Alfie’ was released in cinemas with Jude Law playing the serial dater who just can’t settle down. What you might not know is that two moments in the film where Alfie contemplates changing his lifestyle were shot in Liverpool. The first is the beach scene where Alfie opens up to his friend Joe and discusses changing his ways. This was filmed on Formby Beach. The next scene is when he tries to pursue a relationship with a long-time fling Liz and buys her flowers. The flower shop he went to was on Brunswick Street and is now a restaurant. See the film poster in the Wondrous Place Gallery in the Museum of Liverpool.

See Formby Beach at 02:05. 

Florence Foster Jenkins 

'Florence Foster Jenkins' starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant is a heart-warming film about the power of confidence and tells the true story of an heiress with a passion for singing. Liverpool was used as a filming location throughout the film and almost all of the scenes outside in New York were filmed right in the heart of the city, including Water Street which is often used to depict the Big Apple.  

See Water Street at 00:18 and 01:22.

Fast & Furious 6 

The franchise that just keeps on giving and giving and giving…The 'Fast & Furious' films have been filmed all over the world, including America, Japan, Abu Dhabi and Liverpool! The thrilling chase sequence with veteran Vin Diesel in 'Fast & Furious 6' is set in London, but was filmed through the Queensway Tunnel in Liverpool. The scene sees our protagonists chase the bad guys who are driving Robot Wars style racing cars that can flip other cars that get in their way. See clips in the Wondrous Place Gallery in the Museum of Liverpool. 

See the Queensway tunnel at 00:14 - 01:32.


Directed, co-written, co-produced, and starring the legend that is Barbara Streisand, 'Yentl' is an inspiring story about a Jewish woman with a passion for learning, masquerading as a man to enter religious training. The ending of the film sees Streisand leaving Europe on a boat to the USA. But did you know the Atlantic Steamer was actually the Isle of Man ferry on the River Mersey? In the final scene that gives us the famous song ‘Papa, watch me fly’, Streisand walks on the boat passing by lots of other Jewish families also on their way to America in search of a better life. The extra’s in this scene were members of Liverpool’s Jewish community.